Who Even Am I?

Deciding to start a blog has been one of the scariest adventures I’ve ever embarked on, and yet, I’ve never felt more comfortable doing something so outside of my comfort-zone. Although I’m just starting out, putting a blog on the internet solidifies the possibility of anyone knowing my thoughts; which to date has been my greatest fear. For this post, I’ve decided to do an “about me” questionnaire. I’m twenty-one years old, so I went with twenty-one questions, I’ll see you next week with a blog about difficult co-workers.


  1. What is your favorite candle scent? I’m really into Lavender or anything that’s mixed with it.
  2. What female celebrity do you wish you were related to? Helena Bonham Carter. She’s probably been a role model of mine since I was ten and I feel like being related to her would be pretty awesome.
  3. Can you do a split? I was a cheerleader for six years, so at one point in my life I could, I absolutely cannot anymore, though.
  4. How many countries have you been to? Three! My native country – The United States, Canada, and Spain (thank you Mr. & Mrs. K).
  5. Would you rather have an American or British accent? British for sure!
  6. Do you know triplets? Yes, I work with a girl who is a triplet.
  7. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook? Titanic is a classic, but I have to go with The Notebook.
  8. Have you ever been to Olive Garden? More times than I would like to admit. I can’t turn down unlimited breadsticks, LOL.
  9. Who’s your favorite person in the world? My mom.
  10. Can you whistle? I can; however, one of my best friends Justin (who edits my posts because my brain is always a mess) cannot. I’ve tried to teach him, it wasn’t successful.
  11. What’s the last compliment you’ve received? I work at a nursing home and I was working tonight which is Christmas Eve and a resident’s family member said, “you’re truly special to sacrifice your holiday to bring these people cheer.”
  12. How old were you when you were told Santa wasn’t real? Santa isn’t real? What!? Lol, I’m kidding. I was nine or ten and I cried…. a lot.
  13. Do you have any weird phobias? I am unnaturally terrified of birds.
  14. What is a phrase you say a lot? I struggled to answer this question, so I turned to family and friends and so far I’ve concluded that I say a lot of sarcastic things. “Oh great!”, “You’ve got to be kidding me”, “Same.”
  15. What is a song you blast and belt out when you’re alone? Anything Michael Bublé.
  16. What is your biggest pet peeve? Having to repeat myself; drives me nutty!
  17. Name a movie you can watch over and over. Freddy vs. Jason.
  18. What in your life has required the most courage? Living with mental illness.
  19. What is your favorite physical activity? Hiking!
  20. Where is your all-time favorite city/town? Manitou Springs, Colorado (breathtakingly beautiful).
  21. Are you a dog person or a cat person? I am a dog person. I’m also the proud dog mom of a three-year-old black lab named Bellatrix.


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