February Writing Challenge! Day ONE

February Writing Challenge: Day One!

The first day of my February writing challenge (I know I’m late, forgive me – I suck) asks me to check in on my New Year’s resolutions this far. As of now 2019 is one month old and I must tell you I haven’t made or stuck to a single New Year’s resolution this year; however, I have continued standing up for myself and speaking out when people aren’t treating me the way I deserve to be treated (but that is something that started awhile ago).

There are two reasons that I no longer make New Year’s resolutions. One of those reasons being that I never stick to them. For the life of me no matter how badly I’ve wanted to stick to my past resolutions I’ve always found I break them within a week or two. I’ve come up with resolutions along the lines of going to the gym more often (haven’t we all), not spending money on unnecessary things, taking better care of my mental health; to which I’ve failed at every single one. I do go to the gym, and I save money as much as possible, and I also have gotten better at taking care of my mental health but those were all things that happened over time. Nothing that a ball drop made me do. I feel like, just as this writing challenge is proving to me, that I suck at doing things when I feel pressured to do them. Which is why today is February 4th and I’m posting four blogs (LOL).

Another reason I’m not big into resolutions is that I feel I shouldn’t wait until the first of the year to make changes. I’m not going to notice an unhealthy habit that I want to change or realize that I need to make a change to my life style but then say “oh, I’ll just wait three more months until the first” because that would be ridiculous. And I would most definitely forget to make a change

Personally, New Year’s resolutions just aren’t my thing; however, if you’ve made one and have stuck to it — I am so proud of you. That requires a kind of strength and determination I do not harbor. Feel free to respond in the comments with your own resolutions and let me know how you’re doing with them!

4 thoughts on “February Writing Challenge! Day ONE

  1. New Years resolutions are so tough to stick to! But I think your approach is so much better than the standard goal of being better because of a ‘new year’. If people want to improve themselves, they should begin anytime they’re ready —not just because the clocks counted down to zero. Well done with this post, as always.

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  2. I don’t make them either. But I do stop at the end of every year and reflect on the past year. I do have dreams and wishes for the future. I’ve found that keeping a big picture in mind helps. Like this year I identified three things I want to feel often. And so I try to do what will make me feel those things. For example, I decided I wanted to feel more connected. I try to call or text or arrange to see my friends and loved ones more often that I did previously. I also make an effort to talk with strangers and get to know people at my job.


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