February Writing Challenge! Day TWO

February Writing Challenge: Day Two

Day two of my writing challenge asks how I feel about winter after Christmas. To be completely honest here, I cannot stand winter. I do not participate in winter activities (okay maybe sometimes but usually not), I am miserable in the cold, and after Christmas my state doesn’t even look pretty.

I live in New York State and last week we had blizzard conditions. There was a lot of snow, which slightly looked pretty for a day or two, but now it’s all melting away due to warmer weather and the world is grey. At least during Christmas time there are a lot of pretty lights and decorations but once all of that is taken down it’s dull and boring.

Also, anyone who lives in an area where for the winter it’s dark, gloomy, and generally too cold to be outside, seasonal depression is a real thing. I have depression all year long; however, the winter makes things worse because I’m not even getting outside as much and soaking in Vitamin D.

I feel like winter after Christmas is pretty pointless. Especially since the last month/month and a half of winter the show has basically turned to what we call in New York “slush” and that makes the world cold, ugly and wet. The silver lining to all of this is that not too long after the “slush” stage of winter the world starts to come alive again with Spring!

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