February Writing Challenge: Day FOUR

February Writing Challenge: Day Four

Day four asks what is sweet to me and I’m going to approach this post as in what other people do that I find to be sweet. Feel free to comment below if you interpret what “sweet” is differently! We all have different ideas of what actions we find to be sweet. Whether it be a significant other or a close friend or a family member, it’s important we continually do sweet things for one another to remind them they’re loved.

I have some really awesome friends who love to make me things or buy me things and although I’m not a materialistic person, I truly love the things they come up with. For example, Jessica, who I’ve mentioned before, won my birthday by giving me a photo album full of pictures we’d taken together since becoming friends. Not only did I find it sweet that I now have a physical copy of all those pictures but the more I thought about the work that she had to have put into creating this masterpiece made me realize she’s probably the most dedicated friend I have. I think I’ll keep her.

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and two of my friends (Justin and Dave) have made me things that are related to Harry Potter for gifts and I think it’s wonderfully sweet that they have taken time out of their day to not buy, but make me something that relates to a world (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) that makes me incredibly happy.

The last example I have of things people in my life have done for me that I have found sweet (there are way too many to count), was when my aunt bought me a Colorado calendar. That may seem really lame to some people but if you know me personally then you know how madly in love I am with the state of Colorado. Colorado owns half of my heart so when my aunt sent me a Colorado calendar so that an entire year I had beautiful pictures of Colorado to look at while planning my life – I was beyond elated.

For me, being sweet is just listening. Listening to what I like and dislike, bringing me sunflowers instead of roses because that’s what I prefer and those who know me know that. Sweet is bringing me chips rather than chocolate because I eat chips more than I eat sweets. Being sweet is showing me that you value our relationship and value me. Thankfully my life is full of people who do just that!

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