February Writing Challenge: Day SEVEN

February Writing Challenge: Day Seven

Day seven asks me what three things would majorly change my life and well, I don’t think my answers are going to be any different than most people’s answers.

The first thing that would majorly change my life would probably be money. I know that people say money isn’t the most important thing, but when you don’t have a lot of it, it definitely is something that creates a lot of stress. Especially as I’m ending the end of my school career and looking at the student loan debt I’ve accrued throughout my years in college, I would most definitely love to have money to pay that off right now. Also, who wouldn’t like a little extra money in their pocket so that they can invest it, start a business, get themselves off the ground? I know that would be something to really change my life.

The second thing that would majorly change my life would be opening a business. I’ve been conversing with a few of my friends about business ideas that could be in our futures and if that were to happen that would change my life. It would definitely cause me to be busier than I currently am, but it could also help me with the situation listed above.

A third thing that could change my life majorly is if I was offered a really good job to start out with. Now that I’m closer to having a master’s degree, there are many more opportunities for me when it comes to jobs. Depending on the job it could open up new doors for me professionally and personally.

I feel like anything could potentially change my life majorly. It just takes one second for everything to change for the good or the bad. Hopefully nothing but good changes happen to us all, though. There’s enough bad in the world, am I right?

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