February Writing Challenge: Day TEN

February Writing Challenge: Day Ten

Day ten of my writing challenge asked what I planned on giving up or adopting for lent. I am a religious person, so I will most likely be participating in lent but with all of that said, just like with New Year’s Resolutions; I suck at sticking to lent. Which I think makes it even worse because it’s basically a sin? I guess I’m religious but not orthodox. Who knows?

Anyway, I was once successful with sticking to lent when a good friend of mine Vicky and I gave up eating meet for lent. I think I did so well because I had someone to stick with me through it; however, that was really just one year and ever since then I haven’t done as well.

I’ve also given up things in the past that I never use anyway, like one time I gave up eating caviar, because let’s be honest, I’ve never had caviar. It was easy to give something up I wouldn’t have anyway. I guess that defeats the purpose of lent, though. Sacrificing something to show the love of the great sacrifice that was made for me. But, I’m selfish. I like the things I like.

I suppose this year I’m going to try to adopt a behavior rather than give up something. I’m not strong enough to give up something that I love. I think I’m going to adopt the behavior of not allowing things to bother me; especially if those things are out of my control. I am under no impression that it’s going to work well for me as I let every little thing bother me but it’s worth a shot!

What are your plans for lent? Giving something up? Adopting something? Or you couldn’t care less?


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