February Writing Challenge: Day TWELVE

February Writing Challenge: Day Twelve

                Day twelve asks me to write about what loves means to me. This post challenges me because I’m not sure if I have a solid idea on love but I do know that I’ve loved and been loved and so for that, this is what it means to me. For me, love is seeing a person through all four seasons of their life and still passionately choosing to be in their life.

Loving them during their Summer season when things are hot, beautiful and fun, in their Autumn season when everything is falling and changing and when things go from from beautiful to messy in a short period of time, their Winter season when things are cold and ridged, boring and hard, and then in their Spring season when everything begins to come full circle again and we get back to that hot, beautiful and fun stage.

Love isn’t always glamorous. It requires people to be patient, understanding, forgiving and respectful. Love is going to require forgiveness because when we love someone, we get hurt by that person without that person intended on hurting us but that’s just what happens when we open our hearts up to another person.

I think that love means finding a person and choosing to stick through life’s many twists and turns with them regardless of what happens. If you find someone who goes through tough times with you and still looks at you like you hold the stars; keep them.

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