February Writing Challenge: Day SEVENTEEN

February Writing Challenge: Day Seventeen

Today’s post asks me to talk about something I will never forget. I don’t know if there is a specific event that I want to talk about that I’ll never forget but I do have three things that I will never forget because I have in the past and I’ll never make that mistake again.

I will never forget that people will not change no matter how badly I want them to. I will never allow someone in my life that doesn’t treat me well with the expectation that things will get better ever again. I’ve done that and it’s only ended up hurting me. Maya Angelou once said, “when they show you who they are, believe them.” I heard that.

I will never forget the pain that I’ve been through because it’s made me who I am. I haven’t always had it easy but I refuse to allow my past to make me bitter. I have so many beautiful things in my life. The pain I’ve gone through has made me strong and being strong is my favorite thing about myself.

The last thing that I will never forget is that it’s important to be nice first no matter who the person is because it’s impossible to know what they’re going through. That’s not to say that anyone should allow someone to disrespect and abuse them, but I’ll never forget to give people the benefit of the doubt, first.


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