February Writing Challenge: Day TWENTY-ONE

February Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-One

Today’s post asks me to create a list of things to research so below I put together five things I want to research and why.

  • I want to know why I can’t claim my dog as my child legally. I want to know this because my dog is my child and I do spend a lot of money on her a year. Perhaps significantly less than I would on a human child but my child is still my child. With or without fur.
  • I want to know why a landlord can charge me a pet deposit and an additional monthly fee for my lazy dog that sleeps unless I’m with her but I can move in with three out-of-control kids and there is no additional charge. I know a lot of kids that cause property damage. My dog; however, does not.
  • I want to know why it’s acceptable to wear a bikini on the beach but it’s not acceptable to wear a bra and underwear on the beach because, well, they’re the same thing.
  • I want to know why dogs can’t live forever. Because I definitely want my dog to live forever.
  • I want to know why Kansas is pronounced one way but Arkansas isn’t pronounced “Are-Kansas.” It makes no sense.


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