February Writing Challenge: Day TWENTY-FIVE

February Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

Day twenty-five of my writing challenge asks me to write what I don’t tell people. I feel like this is a paradox because if I tell you what I don’t usually tell people than I’m actually telling people so it’s not something I don’t tell people.


I usually have a hard time telling people who I truly feel. If I’m angry, upset, hurt or nervous I just play everything off like I’m fine. I do this with everyone: good friends, family members and especially people who haven’t been in my life for a long time or aren’t significant in my life. I’m not sure why I do this, but I know that it almost never helps. When a person upsets me, I just hide it from them, and have all off this pent up animosity towards them and it’s CRAZY unhealthy. It’s an aspect of myself I’ve gotten better at but still haven’t mastered!

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