February Writing Challenge: Day TWENTY-SIX

February Writing Challenge

Today’s post in my writing challenge is the quote “I Want Less” and I’m going to use this opportunity to list off a few things that I wish I had less of in my life. One of the things that I wish that I had less of in my life would be stress. I think that stress is something I face every day and I wish I didn’t. Being in college and having a job along with all of the components of that and life in general can something be a little much so it would be nice to not have stresses; although I’m well aware that’s not possible.

Another thing that I wish that I had less of was drama. I think this goes along with stress and I do my best to avoid drama by eliminating people from my life who bring nothing but drama; however, I don’t know that it’s ever completely avoidable. With family, friends, work, school etc… I feel that there is always this window for drama and recently with a lot of family things going on I’ve been dealing with a lot of drama. I definitely want less drama.

Also, I suppose with everything that is going on in the world I would want less hatred as well. I think the best was to get less hate is to spread less hate.

With that being said, I want every person reading this to know that  you’re worthy of all good things, you’re worthy of love and you are 100% good enough.

Spread love.

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