February Writing Challenge: Day TWENTY-SEVEN

February Writing Challenge: Day Twenty-Seven

Today’s post in my writing challenge that thankfully is done tomorrow asks: What do you most admire in other people? I admire a lot of things in a person: honesty, authenticity, loyalty, humor.. the list goes on. But I think the most important thing is honesty.

I am an extremely understanding person and I don’t judge people for who they are or what they believe in. I almost always fine out if someone in my life lies to me (and if you’re someone reading this who has lied to me and I haven’t figured it out — consider yourself lucky) and for me if I can’t trust a person it’s hard for me to have a relationship with them. I like to be authentically me, goofy, not politically correct, vulnerable plus so many other characteristics that I can only do if I truly trust someone. So if I know someone lies to me frequently then I don’t feel as capable of opening up to them and then I don’t really value their place in my life as much.

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