Why Writing Challenges Aren’t For Me

March is shaping up to be one of the most beautiful months for me, partly due to my February Writing Challenge being complete. Anyone who read my last post saw that I mentioned I would never do a writing challenge ever again which makes me laugh as this morning I saw a post about a March writing challenge and I considered doing it. No worries, I’m not.

I apologize for my inability to consistently post, I’m aware the point of the writing challenge was to post everyday, that was the goal I made for myself, it’s just not what happens. I’m a student, I have a job, I have an internship, I have mental illness and some days I’m just plain lazy.

Often, I would get home after being at work or school or both for twelve hours and I knew that I needed to update my blog, but I also knew I was going to go to bed instead. Which is often what I did. It was easier for me to write four blog posts in one day than it was for me to write four blog posts over the course of four days. Unfortunately, as writing challenges go, I failed. I did not pass the challenge.

I’m okay with it. I got to learn a lot about my writing, I got to post content for everyone to read and pretty much everyone who visited my blog didn’t seem to mind that there were posts that were all over the place. That’s sort of how my brain is like as well, all over the place. Thank you to everyone who took that journey to me. I don’t know I’ll challenge myself with a writing challenge every again but we’ll see.

Next week I’m going on an adventure to Vermont via plane and driving home with a good friend of mine so I look forward to posting about the adventures I have on the way and share some pictures with you of the awesome things that I see!!

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One thought on “Why Writing Challenges Aren’t For Me

  1. I absolutely love the first paragraph! And it makes complete sense why this challenge was so tough to do. If it wasn’t tough, then it wouldn’t be a great challenge haha. To do this every day for an entire month would have been a nightmare for me. Sometimes I’m tempted to not brush my teeth one day just because of laziness, and writing a blog post is so much more intensive than brushing your teeth. Considering how busy you have been, I feel you knocked this challenge out of the park! You did a very great job and I am really proud of you. And I think your efforts have provided this community with an incredible month of glorious content. All around, amazing job!


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