International Women’s Day!!!

Happy International Women’s Day! March is one of my favorite months because it’s not only International Women’s Month but it’s also National Social Workers Month. I’m lucky enough to be both a woman and a social worker so this month really is my time to feel gratitude for being authentically me.

I believe being a woman is one of the scariest, inflexible, abrasive and rewarding gifts we never put on our wish-list. Being a woman in a “man’s world” can present it’s fair share of challenges and make a woman believe she isn’t strong enough, smart enough or good enough. All of that is fabrications weak men spew in fear that a woman will exceed the expectations of men creating it harder to be a man. We are intelligent, powerful, devoted, loyal and phenomenal and no one can take that away from us.

I’ve faced many foes with the idea I’m fragile or dumb. That belief didn’t change my perception of myself — I know I’m awesome. Instead, I used those beliefs against the individuals who created them and conquered out of surprise. I have the ability to allow anyone to think what they want to about me yet still show them what I’m made of in the calmest fashion. We’ll never convince anyone we’re deserving by getting angry and fighting. We must rise up to any occasion and kick some serious myths out of the way.

To the men celebrating women with me today, I applaud you. You’re part of the team we could all be working on simply by crushing toxic masculinity like a bug. I am so proud to stand with you and make this world and this life magical. Together we can create a platform we’re all proud of.

To my fellow sisters, keep fighting the good fight. Refuse to give up regardless of the turmoil we face daily. We’re strong enough to acquire the success so many are watching closely to see us lose.

“Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.”

— Unknown

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