Viva La Vermont

Last week I went on a mini-trip to Vermont! A good friend of mine, Justin, has lived in Vermont for the last four years while attending college at Champlain. I stayed in New York for school where we’re both from and would generally only see him when he came on a break or for the summer. Despite his best efforts to convince me to venture to Vermont, I always had an excuse not to. Mainly due to time, all of the free time I ran into were times he would be home as our breaks from school usually aligned.

Three weeks ago I realized “it’s now or never” as Justin graduates in May and will be leaving Vermont. This week is both of our school’s Spring Break and would have been the perfect time for me to take the trip out there; however, next weekend being St. Patrick’s Day made ticket prices ridiculously expensive. Also, due to the spontaneity of this trip I had to work. After having my best friend take my Thursday shift I bought a plane ticket for Wednesday the 6th to fly out after my classes.

As travel by flying goes, my flight from Buffalo to New Jersey was a hassle and my flight from New Jersey to Vermont wasn’t much better. There were two delayed flights, a switched flight, a switched seat, airplane issues, passengers running late, a terminal mix-up and one inconvenient bout of anxiety. Nonetheless, I made it to Burlington International Airport just shy of midnight on Wednesday.

Thursday was the main day for Justin and I to explore around Vermont as Friday after his classes we drove home. Thursday morning we got up and headed over to Denny’s. Where else would we go after a late night and an early morning? It was in the moment I learned that Justin, a smart guy, who is almost a college graduate cannot properly pronounce “Choconana.” I wish I could type how he pronounced that pancake name because it was hysterical.

After Denny’s Justin showed me around his school which had this amazing room showing a view of the mountains. I’ve decided I must have a replica of that room in my future home, unless I don’t live in an area that has a gorgeous view. In such case I’ll have to get a mural of something pretty.

After that Justin and I went to Lake Champlain where he showed me the possibility of walking on the frozen water. I must say, it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. It was a surreal feeling knowing that a foot underneath my feet was an entire ecosystem. Being able to say I’ve walked on water is also fairly awesome.

On Friday I hung out in Justin’s apartment practicing some “self-care” while Justin had classes. We drove home from Vermont to New York which wasn’t terrible for an eight hour car ride. I’ll admit, I was grateful to be out of a car and in my bed Friday night!

Here are some photos from my really cool “mini-vacation!”



3 thoughts on “Viva La Vermont

  1. Reading this blog post was like re-living the experience! I am so fortunate to have someone as special as you come visit! It was definitely a fun-filled short trip and I’m glad to hear you had a great time too. Amazing writing as always and I look forward to the next blog post of yours!


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