Rant NOT Over…

A few days ago I posted a tweet on my Twitter account about mental health and at the end of the tweet I stated that my rant was over but it’s definitely not.

This tweet was generated due to individuals in my life referring to a woman as “crazy” as it’s expected she has a mental health disorder. Thankfully this has all been behind this woman’s back as my friend have some decency, I can’t help but feeling anger for her. I feel anger in general.

There is no secret that when a person has a mental health disorder that they may exhibit behavior that isn’t within the social norms. That isn’t to any fault of the individual. I see pictures all over Facebook saying things like :

“You wouldn’t tell someone with cancer to get over it, so don’t tell someone with depression to.”

And you certainly wouldn’t tell someone with cancer that them crying in public makes them “crazy” so why do we feel it’s okay to call someone with a mental illness crazy?

Illness = illness. All illness (mental or physical) should receive the same support. No one chooses to be diagnosed with a mental disorder, no one asks to have their brain turn against them and no one deserve to be belittled due to something they have no control over.




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