From Fuller House to the Big House

Actress Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) and her husband (Mossimo Giannulli) are now dealing with potential money laundering charges in the college admissions scandal and this morning I read an an article  (linked below) headline by EJ Dickson that read: “Lori Loughlin Officially More Screwed Than Felicity Huffman.” Here’s why I have no sympathy for Lori and a small bout of sympathy for Felicity.

When I first began reading news headlines and articles pertaining to the college admissions scandal I was livid. I’m a senior in an undergraduate program gearing up to enter my graduate program in the Fall of 2019. I’m in an incredible amount of debt, I’ve worked tirelessly for the last four-years to obtain the degree I’ve earned and although I wasn’t denied entry into my dream school due to a privileged mother paying her child’s way into my well-deserved spot; I empathize with those who were.

College, in my opinion, is not a right. It’s a reward for hard-work, devotion and the longing for higher education. Lori’s daughter publicly discussed how little she cared about her spot at the University of Southern California, a spot someone was denied dreadfully due to not having rich or famous parents. How spoiled does one individual have to be to get their lives handed to them and then continue to publicly complain about it? That’s shameful.

My lack of remorse comes mainly for Lori, Olivia Jade is 19-years-old, but Lori is well aware what her actions did and she hasn’t even acted (you know, that things which earned her all the money she spent cheating her daughters into school with), with sorrow for her actions. She’s in the media smiling, singing autographs, laughing, living a carefree life. My anger for Felicity and Lori has gradually just landed on Lori.

Felicity was arrested, in the middle of the night, she has shown shame (who knows if she’s acting or not — but at least she isn’t acting as if she doesn’t care), she’s publicly apologized, there isn’t an ear-to-ear grin on her face in the media. Lori is so detached from the reality of the majority of the population that isn’t millionaires or celebrities, that she isn’t even concerned because she just figures “Oh, I’ll pay it off.” Lori was given the opportunity to shower, do her hair and make-up and not get arrested in the middle of the night before court. She’s had a leg-up since the beginning; because her and her husband do not play fair. Whereas, Felicity is, from what the media can see, is playing slightly more fair.

Both charges that Lori face carry a maximum sentence of twenty-years in prison. That would total forty-years if she were to be charged with the full extent of her actions; however, I’m not naive. We shouldn’t expect Lori to do jail time at all, especially not twenty to forty years worth. I briefly saw one article that expressed the possibility of her only receiving two-years in jail. Is that justice? If she did have her status would two-years even be on the table? Most likely not, but that’s what happens in America.

Regardless of what the outcome of this case ends up being, I’m appalled by this woman I grew up referring to as “Aunt Becky.” Growing up, I idolized her. It’s not her fault that I did, and she isn’t responsible for being Aunt Becky in real life — Aunt Becky is a character, she isn’t Lori. I’m still in disbelief that the woman I grew up adoring has shown her true colors of being a very overly privileged, self-centered, celebrity.

Although I understanding wanting better for our children, maybe the best route is to teach our children how to work hard to earn everything they have, rather than handing them things on gold platters and expecting them to be grateful and go far with their own success. There is only so much a parent can do for a child before it finally becomes that child’s turn to succeed for themselves.


Link to the article I referenced above — check it out, it’s a good read:


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