What’s that Stevie Nicks song about change again?

I’ve been considering change a lot recently, especially with the direction my life is headed in where I’m graduating college and closing a chapter of my life forever. Graduation means that those I’ve spend the last few years with will not longer be part of my daily life (and that’s both good and bad), the internship I’ve been at for this past year will be ending (for the most part that makes me incredibly sad), and the part-time job I’ve been at for the last five years will be ending soon as well.

I’ve noticed myself stopping and paying attention to minor detail as the days come to a close. I’ve forced myself to appreciate my professor’s quirky jokes a little more and truly listen when my co-workers speak. I’ve been more present because I know that there are only so many more times I’ll have all of the things I have now. Sure, I’ll be moving on to “bigger and better” things; it’s still a transition — a scary transition.

I’m disappointed in myself for not appreciating the small details sooner but I guess the old saying is true: you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Or something of that nature.

I’m not a person who handles change well, I hate it to be honest. Consistency is what makes my world go ’round. I appreciate structure and routine and when things begin to change I lose my mind. I’m in a tornado of emotions right now and I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on how important it is, for future me, and for anyone reading this to enjoy life. Enjoy your friends jokes and the little snag in your work place’s rug.

Everything is temporary and life only lasts for a little while.

The featured picture is of baby me (because I’m feeling nostalgic). I had to have been about 6-years-old there. The other kids are my cousins. Simpler times.

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