Cleveland Take 2 (with better company)

Here in The States this past weekend was Memorial Day Weekend. A good friend of mine and I decided we were going to head out to Cleveland, Ohio from Friday to Sunday and it was a glorious trip. The last time I was in Cleveland I didn’t have half as much fun as I did this time, partly due to who I was with. It’s true what they say, good friends add value to life’s simple pleasures.

Jessica and I headed out late Friday afternoon. We were able to check into our Airbnb that evening around 4pm and the Airbnb was slightly strange. It wasn’t terrible but it was small ( yet expensive) and everything seemed to be broken. Nonetheless it was a cute little living space for us during our stay.

We grabbed dinner, some groceries, some wine and we settled in for the night to watch a movie we’ve seen together probably one-hundred times: Bohemian Rhapsody. If y’all haven’t seen that movie yet, I highly suggest it. It’s perfectly created and tells the story of Queen in a way that touches on every human emotion. I for one, think the movie is a master piece and although I never got the pleasure of meeting Freddie Mercury, I believe he would feel quite the same way.

On Saturday we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which I an amazing tribute to many artists who paved the way for rock. Along with having Stevie Nicks inducted this year which made me feel a sense of pride. Rock and Roll is my favorite genre and I grew up listening to Stevie Nicks. I believe the Foo Fighters are going to be inducted in a few years as their eligible next year, so I’ll be headed back to Cleveland in a few years to honor the coolest rock-stars.

We tried to go rock climbing; however, the GPS took us to the middle of nowhere and we searched for a little while before giving up and decided to grab frozen yogurt. Well, again, the GPS took us everywhere by any place that had frozen yogurt. We did, after a few hours, find a place that sold ice cream so we settled for that. Then, much like the night before we went back to the Airbnb, mixed some drinks and began to watch Bohemian Rhapsody, yes, again. When a movie is as good as this one is, it can’t be watched just once.

The last day of our trip was spent getting ready to leave by packing everything and making sure we didn’t leave anything behind (except for the blender we bought because somehow this place didn’t have one and mixed drinks don’t mix themselves). We also headed to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens in hopes of finding Venus Fly Traps. We had actually ventured to a few different places in hopes to find a Venus Fly Trap; however, nowhere seemed to have them — but the Botanical Gardens has to, right? Wrong. They also didn’t have any but the pictures we got to take and the gardens themselves were beautiful. There was also a wedding going on that day and I caught a glimpse of the bride and let me tell you, she looked like a princess. I wish her and her husband all the best!

Overall, I had a wonderful time on my little vacation to Cleveland, Ohio. Jessica and I got to do a lot of very fun things as well as walk around the city a little bit and see how beautiful it actually is. I suggest checking out the BBQ lambs at Mabel’s BBQ as well so delicious.