It’s My Birthday!

As of today I am twenty-two years young. I am by no means “old” yet but boy do I remember being fourteen years old counting down the seconds until I turned sixteen and could drive, or eighteen and could finally make my own rules. It all feels like yesterday to me. It’s bizarre thinking that I’m twenty-two when I couldn’t see how I was going to make it to eighteen. This life thing sure does go by fairly quickly so here are a few things I’ve learned in the twenty-two short years I’ve existed:

  1. People will not always love the way you do. That’s okay. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you or aren’t capable of loving, it just means you get to explore and discover how they love.
  2. It’s a waste of time to try convincing other people to love, respect and cherish you. Those people won’t end up being worth the time. I promise.
  3. Some men really do think women are weak. This is one, incredibly untrue and two something I didn’t think existed. I mean, how could my gender define my capabilities, right? Anyway, those men can be alone, don’t allow them into your life.
  4. Good men do exist. Wait for one. Refuse to settle for less than a good man.
  5. Humans do not deserve dogs. No matter how hard we try to be deserving of dogs, we aren’t.
  6. Having an opinion is only a problem to people who need to be right. They’re the only ones who won’t allow you to speak your mind for fear you might prove them wrong.
  7. Moderation is incredibly important. There is no reason to say no to the cupcake just don’t eat four cupcakes (I struggle with this one, LOL).
  8. Having an education is a privilege not a right.
  9. I have diagnosed mental illnesses but I’m not crazy. Neither are you.
  10. Never, and I cannot stress this enough, never beg anyone to treat you properly. There are way too many people on this planet to waste time on those who refuse to be respectful.
  11. Romantic relationships will not work out if you don’t love yourself first. You’ll never be able to find someone who makes you happy and loves you the way you want to be loved if you don’t figure those things out on your own.
  12. “No.” Is a complete sentence.
  13. Don’t give up on people who are trying.
  14. As long as it’s legal and not harming anyone else, you’re allowed to do whatever the hell you want to do. This is your life. Anyone who minds doesn’t need access to your life.
  15. Making decisions while angry or upset rarely work out in your favor.
  16. There isn’t a single person out there who isn’t a little f—ed up. That’s 100% okay.
  17. Women are powerful, befriend as many powerful women as possible, that’s the secret to life. An army of powerful women can do literally anything.
  18. Splurge on a good perfume and face cream — you’ll thank me later.
  19. Fake it until you make it. I’ve been pretending to have my crap together for awhile and someday, I just might actually have it together, LOL.
  20. Be mindful of your progress and successes but don’t let your ego go too crazy.
  21. Take the picture, post it to Instagram but be present, too. It’s cool we live in a world where we can let people see the cool things we do, it’s not cool to ignore the cool things we do because we’re too busy on our phone.
  22. Mistakes and failures are part of life. Embrace them, learn from them, grow from them.

This time next year I’m sure I’ll have grown and changed even more but for now this is what I live my life by. So here’s to 22. Here’s to the woman I’m working so hard to become. He’s to the good, bad and ugly. And lastly, here’s to the last year before I’m 23 and no one likes me. My hope for 22 is that I continue to piss off the ignorant, uplift the worthy and defy all the odds.

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