Autumn, I love you…

Autumn is hands down my favorite month. I look forward to this season all year. I’ve decided to compile a list of 10 reasons why Autumn is my favorite. Feel free to leave your reasons for loving the season, or disliking the season in the comments below!

1. The colors. Red, yellow, purple, blue… and more. I think the world looks the most beautiful during this time.

2. Apples, apples, apples. There is a Cider Mill down the street from me and I love Apple Cider, candy apples, apples with Carmel and apple picking!

3. Fall attire. I find Fall clothing to be the most comfortable and I could never turn down a nice flannel.

4. Soup! This is the perfect time to curl up with a soft blanket and some soup. I’m a huge fan of cream of broccoli soup.

5. Fuzzy socks. I am a sucker for nice fuzzy socks and hardwood floors. Even at 22, I slide all around my house with my fuzzy socks.

6. Bonfires and marshmallows. Autumn is the perfect season for bonfire and I find a bonfire surrounded by friends to be relaxing and good for the soul.

7. The sound of the leaves underneath my feet. That crunk when you step on crisp leaves is the best sound and feeling.

8. It’s Spooky Season!!! This means that all of the Halloween decorations go up!

9. Watching horror movies with a big fuzzy blanket and a nice cup of coffee. The weather matches the mood.

10. Lastly, Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday and it’s in my favorite season. Couldn’t get much better than that!

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