As we approach the new year within the next couple of months I can’t help but feeling as though there is a lot to reflect on. We’ve had a lot happen to us as a nation and , for me, 2019 proved how important this upcoming year is going to be for us.

I think that we forgot that we have a voice. We’re allowed to use it, that’s the beauty of living in America, for those of us who do you live here in America. We have this voice and we are allowed to use it. How many of us were told when we were little that we could grow up and be whoever we wanted to be? We could be the president, we could be an astronaut, we could be a rockstar, nothing was off the table for us. But then for some reason as we get older people stop saying those things to us. They tell us to sit down and shut up and let the big guys handle it. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that the big guys are handling things very well so I have no choice but to stand up and speak up.

Just remember going into this new year that we are all worthy. We are all worthy of that American dream that we got spewed from the time we were little. We are worthy of the opportunity to walk out of our homes and feel happy, safe and secure. We are allowed to be what ever we want to be. We are allowed to be who we are.

Remember that just because we were born and raised here does not mean that people who were not born and raised here don’t deserve to also walk out of their home and feel happy, safe and secure. Every living person deserves to have a chance. A chance to work hard, to chase their dreams, and to be told that they are more than enough.

Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, we are all the same but we’re also very uniquely different. Remember that other peoples opinions of you shouldn’t matter, remember that your opinion of another person should never be spoken unless asked for and even if it is asked for it should be done in a constructive way. Remember that unless somebody’s actions do not directly affect you, you don’t need to talk about those actions.

It’s natural and 100% okay to disagree with what other people do, say, think, and feel. But it will never be okay to force your opinions on to someone else and make them feel worthless because they don’t see life the way you do.

Being kind and loving one another has not gone out of style. That’s a trend that will be around forever. It doesn’t make you look weak, less masculine, or too sensitive to be tolerant and accepting of others.

In the words of the very lovely, very talented, very funny, very humble, and very amazing Ellen DeGeneres “be kind to one another.” 

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