Pumpkin Carving

The other night I went over to a friends house to carve a pumpkin. A tradition I sort of gave up after being a kid. I’ve always enjoyed pumpkin carving and getting to eat the pumpkin seeds. I never cared for emptying the pumpkin guts, though.

I remember being little and my mom and dad taking me to look for the best pumpkin. We somehow managed to walk around for hours and have cider and donuts and pick a pumpkin. As an adult I can see how patient my parents must have been watching me look at hundreds of pumpkins.

After picking a pumpkin we would head back to the house for hot chocolate and pumpkin carving. I would usually need a lot of help from my family with carving the pumpkin. Afterwards we would have the big reveal while my mom made the pumpkin seeds. We would get the candles and put them in the pumpkin and watch them light up the front of the house. This also provided a perfect photo opportunity.

The pumpkin seeds always made for a nice lunch time treat! Everyone at school would have pumpkin seeds for snack. It was just the thing to have in mid-October.

This year I carved a wine bottle and martini glass into my pumpkin, because I’m an adult. Lol

What are some of your favorite Halloween Pumpkin Carving memories? What did you carve this year?

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