Thoughts on Halloween

Does anyone feel that people don’t decorate much for Halloween or even Christmas as much as they did when we were kids? Or is that just part of growing up and the magic being lost?

I swear as a kid every house on my block would be decorated for Halloween. If I were to go outside and take a picture of my neighborhood right now (which I won’t for safety reasons), there are one maybe two houses that are decorated. The same thing happens for Christmas.

Do you guys decorate for Halloween? Do you hand out candy for trick or treaters? Do you go all our or do you turn your lights off and leave your house bare? Is this something that is only happening because I’m getting older and noticing things more or is it realistic to assume that people aren’t caring as much anymore.

Halloween being my favorite holiday, it makes me sad that there aren’t a lot of people who decorate anymore. It makes me happy when I see houses that go all out. However, I know that it is possible that when I was a little kid I just saw the world as a more magical place than when I’m an adult.

I would love to hear your input! Please leave a comment below and let me know if it’s all in my head or if you guys notice it as well!

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