More Than A Bath

Woah, I have been slacking. I am so sorry that I’ve got behind with Blogtober; however, this is a great way to create a self-care blog. I’ll bring full transparency into the picture here, I’m a graduate student, I have a job and an unpaid internship, I’m a full-time member of a family and friend group, my grandma has had a hospital visit as well as some health concerns I’ve been dealing with and I didn’t plan well for Blogtober.

I know I’ve brought up self-care before but I think it’s time to get real with what self-care truly looks like, and no, it isn’t always bath bombs and walking around a park. Sometimes self-care is showering, sitting down at a table to eat, or putting your phone on silent on the other side of the room an hour before you usually would.

These past two weeks I have practiced a different form of self-care. I practiced self-care that didn’t involve getting my nails done or splurging on a new outfit. A few days ago I took an hour and fifteen-minute shower. That’s right. I didn’t wash my hair in the sink or quickly hop in the shower to wash-up in ten minutes or less, I sat in the shower. I let the warm water run through my hair, I used this nice mango smelling body scrub, I found one of those foot stone things I got for Christmas within the last five years — used it. And guess what, I actually shaved my legs. A shower that has lasted longer than ten minutes hasn’t happened for me since around my birthday, which was at the beginning of August…

Over the weekend I went to visit someone very important to my heart and stayed on her couch with her for six hours. We talked, we laughed, we watched TV and I was surrounded by love and dogs. The cutest dogs every, mind you. Yes, I just went to Michigan so some may argue I’ve had quality time with people I love recently, which wouldn’t be entirely true. I love Jess and our mutual friend we went to visit, but sometimes travel is stressful. Sometimes money is stressful. I drove less than a half hour to this persons house and no money was spend. Just quality time. That was pretty magical.

Last night I put my phone away at 10pm instead of 2am. Surprisingly, without answering emails or text messages or checking Twitter to see what the POTUS did this time, I was more productive. I worked on my research paper, I watched a scary movie because it’s Spooky Season and I wanted to and yes, I still went to bed late but it was a small victory. These last two weeks have been full of small victories, that some may think are trivial but in my life are important.

Take care of yourself. You don’t have to do it all today.

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