Happy Halloween!

We made it, it’s finally Halloween! My personal favorite day each and every year. I couldn’t be more excited!

Last night was when the Halloween festivities began for me. I got roped into working the Trick-Or-Treat event at my work, which I wasn’t thrilled about until I made the realization that this is my last Halloween at my job as I’ll be graduating in May. Then, I was a very small amount happier about the situation, LOL.

So, I work at a nursing home and we dressed up our residents in Halloween costumes and hats and got ready for all of the trick-or-treaters. The event itself is super cute. For an hour there’s just a trail of children dressed up in the most creative costumes the come through with their parents and collect their candy.

The residents truly love watching all of the kids come through. I had a few residents who passed out more than one piece of candy per kid if they really thought their costume was cute. Slight favoritism but who am I to tell an 80-year-old not to do what they want to do.

My co-worker who also happens to be my real life best friend and I dressed up as Freddie Mercury and Brian May from the band Queen. I was Brian May, of course, as he is my favorite member of the band. I found an incredible curly Brian May wig online and bought a blow-up guitar for the event. It was a blast.

I’ll be rushing home tonight to make sure I’m home and dressed (as a zombie) for passing out candy to the kiddos. The weather where I live isn’t supposed to be all that nice, so hopefully we get some neighborhood kids that come around, otherwise I’m going to have a whole lot of candy to consume within the next few months.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Any exciting plans? What ever they are, just remember to be safe and have fun!!

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