Life Update!

Hey guys, it’s been a little while since I’ve made a post and for that I deeply apologize. I’m going to be in Boston, MA for a few days coming up and will hopefully have a pretty awesome traveling blog for you when I get home!

This week is my final week for my first semester of graduate school, meaning I’m half way to my master’s degree; wow! Since my Blogtober posts I’ve been truly focused on me. Making sure I’m taking care of myself, making sure I’m focused on my goals and I haven’t made much time for the blog, or social media but let me tell you, I’m ready to be back! I’ve missed writing, I’ve missed Blog Threads and Pinterest and all of you. So, hello!

In December I expect to post a traveling blog, a mental health for the holidays blog, a grief blog and “Why I Don’t Celebrate Christmas” blog (I know what you’re thinking — I’m not Scrooge, okay? LOL).

I look forward to posting about my trip to Boston next week!

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