Massachusetts Travel Blog

Over this past weekend I went to visit a friend of mine who lives in Massachusetts. I went over before over the summer and a few times when I was very little (and can’t remember) as I had a family member who lives there for awhile. This time things were slightly different. First off, I flew rather than drive which I did last time. This left me more time and since it was cold, I wasn’t on a beach for two days in a row, I did other things.

Here’s my experience and my opinions of a few places I saw while there.

My flight to Massachusetts wasn’t too bad, it was delayed but I’m getting used to my flights never leaving when they say they will. I got in later in the evening on Thursday which wasn’t too bad as the airport wasn’t extremely crowded. My friend picked me up and he was in a panic thinking he wasn’t going to be able to stop and pick me up (I know airports don’t like you linger long as they have to move traffic through), but as usual, the stress and anxiety and panic wasn’t needed as there was plenty of waiting time once he picked me up.

While I was in Massachusetts I got the pleasure of finally making my way to Salem, Massachusetts which for those of you who don’t know, is basically my favorite attraction. Salem was most popular in 1692 when hysteria blanketed those in Salem and a group of women claimed to be possessed by the devil ultimately leading to many others being accused of witchcraft. These accusations and mass hysteria led to more than 200 people being accused and approximately twenty people killed.

I’ve read many articles and books on Salem, and since 5th Grade it’s been one of my favorite time periods to research. Other things that I was able to do in Salem was look at the Salem Witch House, Visit the First Church in Salem, walk around the houses that were all built during this time, and of course visit the shops they have around. The Salem Witch house is my favorite because it’s the original house that was lived in by Johnathan Corwin. Mr. Corwin was the man called to investigate the witchcraft claims. He serve of the court that sent nineteen people to execution. This house was said to be a very wealthy person’s house during this time period. In the house you get to stand in the room where all of Jonathan’s children were born as well as the rooms where they most likely passed away in as only two of his ten children made it to adulthood.

I wasn’t able to see the Hocus Pocus house while in Massachusetts this time; however, that’s on the list for my next visit. I will be making it a point go head back to Salem in October of 2020 to experience the full Salem spirit for Halloween!

Have any of you visited Salem? Are there any fun stories or memories you’d like to share? If so drop them in the comments below!!



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