Change Your Perspective: A Challenge

  1. Today, I bought a new laptop. I haven’t had a new laptop in six years. I’m excited to learn this new laptop and decorate it like my last one.
  2. I got out of the office for an hour and was able to drive past this beautiful park. The weather wasn’t bad and I got some fresh air which made my headache go away.
  3. I had extra time at the office today so I got to do some homework and write two blog posts! How productive!
  4. My professor gave me an assignment that truly opened my eyes on race and the impact it has on child welfare. I learned something I never had thought of before.
  5. I was able to use my supervisor’s charger to charge my phone enough to get me home safely.
  6. I did some Yoga to strengthen my core at home instead of going to the gym. It was nice to break out that old Yoga mat again!

Reading that, from a positive perspective, it sounds like I had a good day today. Wouldn’t you think? In class last week my professors were discussing perspective and how it changes the way we see life. We discussed how a person could put on a performance and receive ten good compliments on their performance and one negative comment and how that person would lay in bed that night and think about, not the ten great comments, but the one negative one. Why is that? Is it because your brains are hardwired to handle negativity more than positivity? Is it because we are so self critical that the good comments aren’t long lived because we don’t truly believe them, anyway? But the bad comment just reassures what we already thought? Is it possible that if we practice changing the negativity in our lives to positivity, that we can rewire our brains to turn everything positive?

Do you want to know a secret? At the bottom of this post I have written the actual events of my day. All six things are truly negative, but they’re real life things that happened to me today. And they’re the same things I listen at the beginning of this post; they’re just said in different perspectives. At first I wrote what truly happened in my day, and it took me two minutes. Then, I went back and said “how can I turn these into positive things.” And after ten minutes I came up with the list you read at the top. That’s right, it took me two minutes to write down the negative and ten minutes to write down the positive.

So, here’s a challenge for you, and don’t worry, I’ll be participating too. Every day write down 3-5 positive things about your day. If your tire popped and you needed a new tire, don’t write “my tire popped” write “I got a new set of tires and my car now drives so much more smooth!” Let’s do this for six weeks and then check back in and see how we’re doing, how we’re feeling and if this at all has impacted our lives positively.

  1. Today, I broke my laptop. I went to lift my bag out of my car and instead it fell onto the driveway and shattered my laptop screen.
  2. My client at work didn’t bother texting me to tell me he wasn’t going to be at our meeting place so I drove an hour round trip for nothing.
  3. I got stuck at the office for an additional two hours because my other client couldn’t meet until late.
  4. My professor assigned me four hours worth of work. I had to miss out on going to the gym because I wouldn’t have enough time for all of it.
  5. Not to mention even if I went to the gym, I left my phone charger at home and wouldn’t have enough battery for music. I can’t work out without music.




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