Mental Health Check

Today I made the call to a therapist. Pre-pandemic I was going to therapy but then I started to be “too busy” and gave up on my mental health. Once the COVID-19 shitshow started I found even more excuses not to speak with a therapist. Let me tell you, I amaze myself with how many bad decisions I can make. The choice to quit therapy is a bad decision I make every few months. As if I don’t know how the story goes: I quit therapy, I’m fine for a few weeks, followed up with a few more weeks where I tell myself I’m fine but I’m not and then finally I hit the wall and have to start therapy up again. Someday I’ll learn; or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Anyway, so that’s what I want to talk about today. What’s been going on in the world is insane and it’s completely normal to not be handling things completely well. Or, if you’re like me, you have days that are completely fine and then days when you’re an absolute wreck. It’s completely okay! And “normal” whatever normal is supposed to mean.

Pandemic or not, it’s completely okay to go to see a mental health professional. I personally believe at some point we all should. Life is hard, like really truly hard. There is no “rule-book” or set in stone guidelines that promise positive outcomes. We’re all kind of just taking things one day at a time and hoping for the best.

Even if you weren’t seeing a mental health professional pre-pandemic, it’s fine to do so now. I don’t know who’s been paying attention to the people running the world lately but they should be setting the tone for you that “no one knows what they’re doing so it’s okay that you also don’t know what you’re doing.” The people who are in charge of fixing messes aren’t even sure how to fix one of the largest messes our generations have seen; why should you hold yourself to a higher standard and have the weight of the world on your shoulders? We’re all in this together. Trust me, we all need love and compassion right now.

Thinking of therapy but aren’t sure how to begin? Here’s a little trick that works most of the time. On the back of your insurance card, there is a number you can call and ask them to email/fax/mail you a list of mental health providers in your area that are accepting new clients. Once you get that list you just have to find someone who is accepting new clients and who you’re willing to work with!

If you need any additional help under my contact tab you can email me directly and I’ll help you out with some strictly confidential and friendly advice. I can’t be your counselor for legal reasons but I can help you find a counselor that is right for you.

Take care of yourself and each other (or however Ellen D. says it on her talk show). We’ll get through this. I swear.

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