Writing Prompt: 5 Things I Forgive Myself For

Lately I have been working on forgiveness, mainly on forgiving myself. I think that’s important. We try our best to forgive others but spend loads of time beating ourselves up over our mistakes. So here are five things I forgive myself for.

1. I forgive myself for not wanting to change myself for certain people’s expectations. I love my life and I’m proud of myself. Those who don’t feel the same are welcomed to exit my life.

2. I forgive myself for saying “no” to things that don’t bring me peace; even if that means certain friendships have been eternally changed.

3. I forgive myself for allowing a person I thought was good for me, step all over me and push me down to get ahead — and then call me the toxic one (LOL).

4. I forgive myself for saying “sure” when I really meant “no” to save the argument. I’ve tolerated a lot that’s made me unhappy. I forgive myself.

5. I forgive myself for staying quiet when I should have shouted from the rooftops. I know better now.

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