A Change of Scenery

Over the last few months, this pandemic has done some of the best things for me. I know that sounds crazy as most of us are cursing this pandemic to the high heavens; at one point I did too. The thing that changed was that change turned into exactly what I needed.

Pre-pandemic I was living a life that wasn’t making me happy despite my many efforts to be happy. I wasn’t true to myself, I was living this life that I thought I should and acting the way that I thought I should — until everything that I thought changed overnight. Unseen circumstances caused a change in my life that I will forever be thankful for because it showed me exactly what was holding me back.

I was able to start over and find my own voice and people hear ME, not others. This is something that I have been longing for and trying to figure out how to make true. I’ve felt for awhile that I wasn’t really on the track that I wanted to be on I just didn’t know how to fix things, I didn’t know how to feel more confident with myself and what I was doing. As it turns out, all I needed was to be on my own for awhile.

“She knew some walks he had to take alone.” I believe that quote comes from The Hunger Games when Katniss realizes she shouldn’t accompany Gale on his walk. That quote has stuck with me recently. I needed to take this walk alone; to find myself and to learn to be comfortable by myself.

I’m grateful for what this pandemic has taught me about myself and the power it’s given back to me.

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