Last year I participated in Blogtober. I didn’t fail; yet I wasn’t the most successful. There were days that I had to write five posts in one day just to catch up, likewise, there were also days that I was a week ahead.

I’ll blame that in part due to being in college, participating in an internship and also working. All of those things combined sort of took most of my time. I will say, I’m excited for this year. I’m also hoping that Blogtober is my comeback.

Graduate school plus the pandemic truly set me back in my writing. I feel into a depression for awhile and didn’t even care about writing. I’ve lately made the decision to write more as my mental health requires it.

For me, writing is therapeutic. I sit down, just myself and my laptop (and usually a dictionary of sorts) and I have the ability to zone out for while. That ability is deeply necessary for me to stay sane.

So here’s to Blogtober. Here’s to good mental health practices and to writing!

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