Change Makes Me Queazy

I think that I potentially wrote five Blogtober blog posts... So I didn't exactly nail it. I'll count this one as day twenty-four, though! Why not, right? Anywho, lately I've had a persistent feeling in my gut of nausea. Some may be thinking "well, Rosalie you should probably call a doctor..." that would be a … Continue reading Change Makes Me Queazy

My Favorite Halloween Memory

Welcome to Blogtober 2020! Here is post one, My Favorite Halloween Memory! My favorite Halloween memory is a bittersweet one. It's my favorite nonetheless. When I was about ten years old my grandfather passed away. October 30th, 2007, the day before Halloween. The days leading up to my grandfather's passing were difficult. He had terminal … Continue reading My Favorite Halloween Memory

Body Image and Struggles

*********** TRIGGER WARNING *********** This post discusses weight and body image which may be sensitive to some. If you don’t feel comfortable reading, please know that I understand. Your mental health is more important to me than how many views this post gets. Stay healthy. xo ******************************************* My aunt asked me “why are you gaining … Continue reading Body Image and Struggles